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What is BT Mail?

BT Email Service is a highly-protected and reliable web-based email service. You can store unlimited business or personal emails in its inbox and hence it provides you a smoother and world-class email experience. It offers you a safe platform ensuring that your confidential emails are completely secured from hackers. Also, it protects you from viruses, spam, and phishing activities whenever you browse the emails online. Through BT mail service, you can manage all your emails in one place and access them from anywhere around the globe. You can get the BT Standard Email Service by acquiring broadband from BT. However, if you want to cease BT broadband, you can continue its email services by purchasing the BT premium version. Further, a BT account holder can create up to 10 addresses email for family members or friends. Also, BT mail comprises additional services i.e Contacts and Calendars which makes your work easier.

Key Features of BT Mail

BT Mail

BT Email Service is integrated with exclusive features that are described below:

  1. You can customize your inbox layout as per your preference and suitability. To do so, just click on the “Change View” button given at the top-right corner of the window. Then, select between the options i.e “Right”, “Below”, “None” and “Attachment”. 
  2. With BT Mail service, you can segregate your emails and organize them properly by creating different folders. So if you have a lot of emails in your inbox folder, you can locate your desired or important email easily. This can be done by placing your cursor on the “Plus” icon positioned next to the Inbox folder. Doing so, it will show you the option of “Add New Folder”. Click on it and give a name to your folder. Now, whenever, you will receive an email, you can transfer into the correct folder. 
  3. BT Email lets you create a safe list from which you want to receive emails on a regular basis. To add your contacts to the safe list, click on the Settings icon given at the right-hand side of the window. Click “Mail” and then select “Safe Senders”. Now, provide the email address of the individual or company you would like to receive emails and then click Add. 
  4. BT Email has an auto-reply feature by using which an automatic reply will be forwarded to all your contacts if you are on holiday. You can also add your contact details in the auto-reply message so that your friends or employees can contact you in an emergency. To do so, select Settings > Mail > Auto-reply. Then, enable auto-reply, set the Start/End Date, and then enter a message. 
  5. BT Email also has an auto-forward feature by enabling which all your incoming mails will be transferred to another email address without doing it manually.

What are the advantages of having a BT Email account?

It is important to create a BT ID for accessing its Standard or Premium email services. You can avail the below-listed benefits after signing in: 

  1. After creating a BT ID, you can add multiple email addresses for your family members or friends. 
  2. Once you are registered with BT online, you can track your order that you have placed with BT. 
  3. You can pay a bill for your BT services such as you can online purchase a BT Premium Email Service. Also, you can review the latest bills and history after signing in. 
  4. If you have a BT email account, you can Report or Track a Fault online for your BT services. 
  5. After signing in, you can configure all your email addresses linked with BT and review them anytime. 
  6. Once you have created a BT ID, you can change your BT Password to prevent your emails from unauthorized access and to ensure better security.

Create and manage a BT Account

BT Mail Account
  1. Navigate to by inserting the URL in the address bar. This will bring up the BT homepage on your screen. You will spot the “My BT” option in the upper-right corner of the window, select it to extend its menu box. 
  2. Select Sign Up and “Create a BT ID” window will pop-up on your screen. Input a true and legitimate email address into its specified field. Then place your cursor into the “Repeat Email Address” field and type it again. 
  3. Now, you have to complete all the BT ID details. Provide your personal details i.e Title, First Name, and Last Name. Following this, you have to set a password to access your BT ID. The password you create must comprise 8 characters, numbers and symbols 
  4. Thereafter, select a Security Question by clicking on the drop-down arrow key. Additionally, select an appropriate answer to the question you have selected in the above step. Then, enter your working 10-digit mobile number and Date of Birth. 
  5. Once you specified the above details accurately, you need to input your BT Account number. You can easily find the account number at the upper-right corner on any of your BT mail. 
  6. Finally, click Continue and this successfully creates your BT ID. Now you can use this BT ID i.e Username and password to access your account.

Minimum system requirements

System requirements must be fulfilled to receive or send emails through BT smoothly. For accessing the BT Mail services, the primary requirement is to have a high-speed internet connection. It is recommended to use Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox web browsers to access the BT ID or for sending the mails. In addition, BT Mail services can be conveniently accessed on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Further, if you want to install a BT Email application, make sure you must have at least 12 MB space on your Mobile Phone.

A quick way to recover your BT Email account

BT Email Account
Recover Email Address linked to your BT ID
  1. To recover your email address, browse to On the homepage, click on “My BT” and select “Login”. 
  2. This will bring up a dialog box asking you to provide your BT ID and Password. For signing in, click on “BT Email Login”.
  3. Now, locate the“Your Package” option and select it. With this, the screen will display an “Inclusive Extras” option. Click on it. 
  4. A new window will come into view. Select “BT Email link” and by following this, click “Manage BT Email”. A list of all the email addresses that are associated with your BT ID will be presented on your screen. 
Retrieve the Forgot Login Details
  1. Visit, select Login and then click on “Forgot Your Login Details”. 
  2. Click on “Forgotten Your BT ID Username”. It will now request you to enter your phone number that is registered with BT. 
  3. You will now arrive at a new window and you will be asked to enter the answer to your security question. The security answer must be the same that you have stated at the point of creating the BT ID. 
  4. Once you are done entering all the details, the BT ID Username will be shown to you on your device screen. 

Similarly, if you forget your BT password, provide your BT ID Username, Phone Number, and the Security Answer. Doing so, you will get the option to reset the password.

How to Reset my BT Password?

BT MAil Password
  1. Move ahead to, click “My BT” and then select the “Login” option. Give your BT Sign In details i.e Username and Password. Then, click on “Log in To My BT”. Your main account page will turn up on your screen. Select “Settings” which is given beside the “Your Package” option. 
  2. A window with your BT ID Details will come into view. Under the Password section, you will discover an “Edit Password” option. Click on it and a new window will pop-up. You will see three separate fields i.e Current Password, New Password and Confirm Password. 
  3. While typing your new password, you should consider certain points i.e the password must include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to prevent unauthorized access. After changing the password, click Next. 
  4. At last, you will get to see the Success window with the message that your “Password is now updated”. Now, you can access your existing BT account by using your new password. This way you can reset the BT Mail Password for ensuring better security.

Use POP or IMAP to sync BT Email on a third-party app or download your email

Use POP or IMAP to Sync BT Mail on a third-party App or Download your Email

POP or IMAP are the technologies that allow all the BT mail users to download emails on a computer or mobile device.

  • IMAP protocol can easily sync with BT Mail server. It simply means if you make any adjustments in your email program, the same will be made in your webmail box. If you want to use BT email services on a third-party app such as Outlook, Email, set the incoming mail server as “”, Port as 993 and SSL Encryption must be enabled. Also, you have to set the SMTP Port settings as 465 for sending the mails. 
  • POP3 is another protocol to receive emails but it does not sync with BT Mail Server. So if you make any modifications in your email program, the same changes will not be shown on your webmail inbox. Hence, it is not recommended to use the POP3 protocol with BT. However, if you are using POP3 for receiving emails, you have to set the incoming mail server as “”, Port as 995 and SSL encryption must be enabled.

What is BT Premium Mail?

BT Premium Mail

BT Premium Email Service comprises the same features as the BT standard mail service. For acquiring the BT Premium Email service, you have to pay an additional cost. Once you get this service, you can link at most 10 email addresses with BT for your friends and family. 

Steps to Acquire BT Premium Mail

  1. Firstly Sign in to your BT email account by mentioning your registered Username and Password. 
  2. Now, click “Package” and proceed with this, select “Included Extras”.
  3. In the next window, locate the “Manage BT Email” option and then click on it. 
  4. “Manage Your Email Address” dialog box will be seen on your screen. There, you will find a link i.e “Move to BT Premium Mail”. Select it and then place your order by following the on-screen prompts. 
  5. Once the purchase is done, you will receive a mail to confirm your order. Now, you can access the BT Premium email service. 

How to delete and close my BT Account?

BT Mail Account
  1. In the very first place, sign in to your account by providing the credentials that are associated with BT. 
  2. In the next screen, you may see different options which solely depends on the BTinternet Email service type you are currently using.
  3.  If you acquire Broadband with BT,  you will recognize the “Manage Extras” option. But if you are a BT Premium Mail user, you will see a “Premium Mail” option. 
  4. Hence, select any of the options based on your specific BT Mail Service. Then, scroll down to the page and locate the “Manage BT Email” option. Select it and you will see an extended list of email addresses that are linked with BT. 
  5. Select the particular email address or addresses that you would like to delete. Also, you may be asked to input your BT password for deleting your email address. After providing it, click Confirm. 
  6. Once your email address is deleted, you will receive a confirmation mail. It is to be noted that the email address you have closed will stay active for a period of 60 days. Within this period, you can easily reactivate your email address if you find a need to do so. This way you can close a BT Mail account. 

Therefore, BT Mail is a secure email service that can be combined with other services such as Calendars and Contacts. As BT mail services are extremely-protected, it safeguards your sensitive or private emails against vulnerabilities and cyberthreats. Further BT Email allows you to personalize your mail settings, mark fraud emails as Spam, add attachments to emails, create a Safe list, etc. It is an online service and hence you can access its Standard or Premium service from any internet connection, any computer, smartphone, or iOS device. A basic requirement to start using these services is to have a BT email account. By following the above procedures, you can easily create an account, reset the BT Username or password, or delete your linked email address whenever you like.