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Briefing About Btinternet Email Services

  • Standard Email Service

The standard email service is provided free with the BT Broadband service. Once you create a BT Internet account, you can get this email service from the “Manage your Email” page. After acquiring this service, you will get some exceptional benefits. You can add up to 10 email addresses to your BT ID, store unlimited emails in your Inbox folder, and help you in protecting your private emails from viruses, spam, and phishing. In addition, you can access this service on mobile also. 

  • Premium Email Service

You can even continue with the Btinternet email services if you want to end its Broadband service. This is the paid service that costs around £7.50  per month. The main advantage of this service is that it includes all the features of Standard Email Service. It has Unlimited Storage and provides you a shield against online scams and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, you can also link 10 email addresses to your BT ID. 

  • Basic Email Service

You can acquire this service in-free even after ceasing the BT Broadband. But it provides limited and restricted services, for example, you can create only one email address and not more than that by using a BT ID. Also, this email service can only be accessed via website i.e Alongside this, it offers unlimited space to store your personal or business emails and provides absolute protection from viruses, phishing, and scams.

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Register With Btinternet Email Service

For creating Btinternet email account, the fundamental step is to create a BT internet account. Once done, you can conduct the process of BT email login account creation.

Helpful Steps to Create a Bt Internet account 

  1. Turn on your device, and proceed forward to Click “My BT” and select “Sign Up”. 
  2. The first step is to provide a factual and authentic email address. After entering a valid email id, confirm it by typing it again into the “Repeat Password” field. 
  3. Press Continue and a new window will be available on your screen. Provide your personal details that include your Title, First Name, Last Name into their corresponding fields. 
  4. Continuing with this, you have to set a password that must be difficult to guess by any unauthorized user. Also, there are some conditions that you need to focus on while creating a password. Your password must comprise 8 mix characters and symbols. 
  5. Other details include a security question and security answer. Hence, select a question on the basis of your preference and then provide its answer. 
  6. At the end, input your account number into its allocated field and then click Continue. This finalizes your BT Internet account creation process.

Create a BT email address after Signing Into BT Internet Account

After logging into your BT Internet account, select the “Package” option from the main interface, and following this, select “Included Extras”. Thereafter, select the “Manage Your Email” tab and click “Create a new email address” given beneath the segment of Activate a Email Address. Now, provide a new email address that you do not register earlier with BT Id for your family or friends. Also, set a complex and easy-to-remember password and click Continue. This finishes the Btinternet email account creation process.

How to access BT emails on mobile via application?

How to access BT emails on mobile via application

BT offers an email application so that you can effortlessly view and manage your emails from anywhere via mobile. But there is a condition that you need to fulfill for accessing the email services on the phone. You have to acquire the BT Premium Email or Standard Email service by login into your BT Internet account. This simply means that if you are on the Basic Email service, you will not be allowed to use its benefits on the BT application. Furthermore, the given instructions will guide you on how to install the app and access Btinternet email services. 

  1. In the initial stage, you have to launch either the “Play Store” or “App Store” depending on the functionality of your mobile device. 
  2. Then, place your cursor in the search bar and type “BT Email”. Select the application and then click on the Install button. For setting up the application, you must assure that you have at least 11 MB space on your phone. 
  3. Once you have opened the application, you will get to see the “Sign In” dialog box on your screen. The sign-in information includes two major details i.e Email Address and Password that must be linked with your BTinternet Login Account. 
  4. Provide the requested details without making any mistake and then click “Sign In”. The main BT email window will come into view. On the left-hand side, you will see all the options of “Inbox”, “Sent”, “All mails” and a lot more. 
  5. By clicking on Inbox, you can see and manage all the emails that you have received. Also, you can compose a new email by clicking on its icon and send it accordingly. In this manner, you can conveniently access the Btinternet email services on the mobile.